Understanding The Signs And Problems Caused By Too Much Water In Your Septic Tank

Posted on: 24 October 2016

If you have a septic system attached to your home to deal with all of the fluid and solid wastes that are produced, then you probably know that the tank needs to be emptied well before it fills up. Septic tanks typically need to be cleaned out every three to five years. You will notice some signs that the tank is starting to fill up to a point where it needs to be emptied.
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4 Common Causes Of A Dripping Faucet

Posted on: 24 December 2015

There are many ailments that can befall the faucets in your home. One of the most common problems associated with faucets is that they sometimes drip, even when it seems like they are turned off all of the way. The first task in eliminating a faucet drip is identifying the cause of the drip. There are a number of different reasons that your faucet is dripping, and its important to know the cause of your faucet's dripping so that you can stop it from dripping once and for all.
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Don't Panic! How You Can Fix the Cause Of Kitchen Sink Odors in 3 Steps

Posted on: 17 December 2015

If a terrible smell coming from your kitchen sink has driven you and your family from the kitchen, then you may be tempted to call a plumber to find and fix the cause. While sewer gas and other more serious causes of odors may be an emergency that should be addressed by a plumber, you may simply need to perform a deep cleaning of your garbage disposal to strip away the source of the smell.
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Long-Haired Family? How Can You Prevent Clogged Drains And Vacuums?

Posted on: 23 September 2015

If you're living with someone with long, luxurious locks, or have a shaggy pet you frequently bathe in the bathtub, you may be regularly facing clogged drains -- no matter how many preventive steps you take to prevent hair from escaping down the drain. And if your home has carpet, it's likely you find yourself pulling or even cutting clumps of hair out of the vacuum cleaner every few months when it's been rendered inactive.
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