4 Plumbing Improvements To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Posted on: 21 June 2018

When you are planning on renovating your kitchen, there are a lot of things to consider. There is likely going to need to be work done to the plumbing in your home. While you are doing the remodeling, this is a good time to consider investing in improvements and upgrades. Here are some tips to help with the improvements that you want to do to the plumbing while doing kitchen renovations:

1. Energy-Efficient Hot Water For Kitchen Needs

There are a lot of reasons to use hot water in your kitchen. Today, there are also energy-efficient options for hot water heaters or dispensers designed especially for the kitchen. A kitchen hot water dispenser is good to provide boiling water for things like cooking and sterilizing kitchen utensils. It is also a much more efficient solution to heat water in the kitchen and will help you reduce energy consumption and make your home greener.

2. Installing Filtration For Sinks And Potable Water In The Kitchen

Filtration is another solution that you may want to consider when doing renovations to your home. There are options for filtration systems that filter the water for your entire home, or you can have filtration systems installed in the kitchen, especially for potable water needs like for cooking and drinking water. Installing a filtration system under your kitchen sink will give you cleaner water for cooking and drinking. These filtration systems can also be connected to water dispensers and ice makers in your kitchen.

3. More Compact Sink Traps To Allow For More Space In The Kitchen

Usually, the kitchen sink has a plumbing trap in the cabinet beneath it, which can take up space and be damaged when you are putting things beneath the sink. Talk with the plumbing contractor about using a more compact design with solutions like plumbing siphons, which can give you more space beneath the kitchen sink and prevent common problems with damage.

4. Upgrading To More Efficient Appliances And Plumbing Fixtures In The Kitchen

Another issue that you want to consider when updating your kitchen is outdated appliances. Consider upgrading things like dishwashers and refrigerators for modern, efficient models. While you are updating the appliances, you will also want to talk with the plumbing contractor about installing plumbing fixtures that help improve energy efficiency and reduce water consumption.

These are some tips to help decide on the plumbing improvements while doing renovations to your kitchen. When you get ready to start with renovations to your kitchen, contact residential plumbing services for help with these improvements. 


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