2 Tips for Finding the Source of the Water Leak in Your Toilet

Posted on: 18 March 2018

If you have started hearing a hissing or trickling sound from your toilet between flushing, you may suspect that there is a water leak. However, you may be uncertain about where it is located. If so, use these two tips to help determine the source of the water leak in your toilet.

Check the Outside of the Toilet

Before you look inside your toilet for a leak, first check the outside of the toilet for any cracks or chips. Even if you do not find any spots on the outside that are leaking water, it is possible that one of the gaskets is leaking.

Because water can condense on the outside of your toilet (especially during humid weather), wipe the entire exterior before checking for water drops. After you have dried the outside of the tank and bowl, look carefully for any water escaping through.

If you find any, a plumber may be needed to replace the toilet. If you do not see any external water leaks, go on to the next section to check for interior leaks.

Put Food Coloring in the Tank

If the inner workings of your toilet tank are old and deteriorated, they may the cause of the noises. If the flapper has become misshapen or has cracks, it may be letting water seep into the tank. Or the float, if it is not working properly, may be sending the wrong signal for water to continue filling the tank, causing water to overflow into the bowl.

To check for a problem with flapper or float, place a few drops of food coloring into the tank's water. Do not flush the toilet for a few hours to give any leaks time to pull the food coloring along with it into the bowl.

After a couple of hours have passed, check the water in the toilet bowl for any changes in coloring. If the water has changed colors, you have determined that water is leaking from inside your toilet into the bowl.

If no indication of a leak is found and you're still sure there is one somewhere, the leak might be located in your bathroom's plumbing. If you haven't found the cause of the problem after checking the above parts of your toilet, the sounds of water leaking could be coming from the main pipes within your wall or floor. Contact a plumber like Calhoun Plumbing who offers leak detection services to have your plumbing inspected so that repairs can be made before water damages your home's infrastructure. 


Knowing When It’s Time to Call the Plumber

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