3 Things A Plumber Can Tell You About A House Before You Buy It

Posted on: 6 April 2017

There is one thing that can be terrifying about buying a home: you never really know what kinds of problems are lurking in the shadows, under that fresh coat of paint, or behind those walls and it's super easy to find yourself in the middle of a new mortgage and a huge mess. Even though Tom Hanks made this exact situation comical in The Money Pit, there's nothing funny about inheriting a world of problems with a new home purchase. But what if you could get a look at the house through more experienced eyes before you lay down that offer? One professional to bring on board to help you out with just that is a residential plumber. 

A plumber can tell you how long certain fixtures have been in place. 

The toilet, the garbage disposal, the kitchen faucet–these things tend to have a limited lifespan really. In most cases, these are the types of plumbing fixtures and elements that will be replaced several times throughout the lifespan of a home. The only problem is, it can be really hard to tell just how old these fixtures are as an average consumer. A good, experienced plumber can definitely help you out. Often times, these professionals have spent so much time working with these fixtures that they can look at one fixture and give an educated guess of its age and lifespan. 

A plumber can tell you if there have been previous issues with leaks and water damage. 

You may think of calling a plumber for a leak inside the house, but did you know many plumbers are pretty skilled and familiar with water damage as well. It is obvious why when you think about it. Waterworks and water damage kind of just go hand-in-hand. Most plumbers experience water damage many times in their career and know how to prevent it as well. Therefore, if a home has had past issues with water damage, a good plumber will likely be able to point it out. 

A plumber can give you an assessment of the septic system. 

Because the septic system is mostly out of sight and buried beneath the ground, it can be hard to judge just how long it has been there or how well it is functioning. Too a trained eye, however, these are things that can usually be determined. You can have a plumber take a look at components like the ejector pump, septic tank, and sewage lines to see if there are problems you should know about before you buy a home. 

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