Do You Need To Replace Your Dishwasher's Water Line?

Posted on: 5 March 2017

Having a dishwasher installed in your home can significantly add to the convenience of your living space. Unfortunately, a dishwasher with a faulty water line can quickly transform from a valuable asset into a serious headache.

Here are three things that you can be watching for to determine if it's time to replace your dishwasher's water line in order to avoid a serious plumbing disaster in the future.

1. Make sure your dishwasher fills properly.

As you turn your dishwasher on, it will fill up with water that is circulated throughout the unit to cleanse your dishes. You should make it a point to regularly pause your dishwasher mid-cycle to determine if it is filling properly.

You should see the entire bottom of your dishwasher filled with water when the unit is functioning correctly. If the water level seems low, then the water line supplying your dishwasher with water could be clogged. You will need to replace the water line in order to restore proper flow and prevent the clog from causing the water line to burst.

2. Watch for leaks when your dishwasher is in use.

A dishwasher that is functioning properly will not allow any moisture to seep out of the unit. As you turn your dishwasher on, be sure to watch for signs of leaking near the bottom of the unit. Any water that comes out of the dishwasher could be a sign that the appliance's water line is in need of repair.

Check to ensure that the water line is properly connected, then feel along the length of the line to check for cracks or tears that could be serving as an exit point for water. Replace the water line to eliminate minor leaks before they become a major hassle.

3. Check the water line for signs of freezing.

If your dishwasher is installed along an exterior wall in your home, cool temperatures outside could affect the performance of the unit.

Check the water line for signs of freezing (like frost on the exterior surface of the line or inflexibility caused by ice chunks inside the line), and replace a frozen water line with an insulated product to help guard against internal freezing as you use your dishwasher in the future.

Being able to determine when you need to replace the water line in your dishwasher will help you prevent serious plumbing disasters as you use this modern appliance in the future. To learn more, contact a company like Walt's Plumbing


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