Gas Furnace Problems: Things To Know

Posted on: 2 March 2017

When you are suddenly unable to obtain heat from a central heating system, it might mean that the furnace is not working. If you have also noticed there is the odor of gas in your house that seems to be getting stronger, the problem should be taken seriously. The furnace may have stopped functioning because it is unable to get gas. There might be a gas leak in the line that is attached to the furnace. This article covers a few of the problems that sometimes develop when dealing with a gas furnace.

There is a Loose Gas Line Fitting

Being that you are able to smell gas in your house along with the central heating system not working, it points to the gas line to the furnace being problematic. The first thing that your will need to do is contact the gas company in your area to turn it off, as your house can go up in flames in the space of a moment. Leave the house and don't come back until the gas is gone. You should then contact a contractor to find out if there is a loose gas line fitting that needed to be tightened or replaced. If the fittings are not damaged or loose, the gas line might need to be repaired.

The Burner No Longer Works

It is possible that the burner in the furnace is no longer functional. Rather than producing flames for the pilot when gas is sent to it, the burner might simply be releasing gas. If the burner is in bad shape, a contractor might be able to make a few heating repairs to fix it. Replacing the burner is likely what will need to be done if it is damaged beyond repair. Your gas furnace cannot work without the burner being able to produce flames.

You Need a New Furnace Installed

A contractor can inspect all of the vital parts on your gas furnace to find out what kind of condition they are in. Although replacing individual parts can usually be done, it is not always a good investment. For instance, if there are numerous parts that are in need of being replaced, it is likely because your gas furnace is worn out. Even if you were to replace the parts, the furnace might still end up going out altogether in a short amount of time. In such a case, you should simply get a new furnace installed in your house.


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